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Steve - Irvine / - Do you want to learn Mandarin? Do you need a teacher/tutor to help you improve your Mandarin in four skills-reading, writing, speaking and listening? I\'m a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan and received my Master degree in Education from NTNU 2007. I\'m very interesting and skillful in teaching languages. Feel free to contact me for Mandarin teaching and tutoring.


Le Tutor - Tempe / Arizona - Le Tutor Language School - Private Chinese lessons with experienced native instructors in Phoenix, AZ. Includes: Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa and Paradise Valley. Lessons offer effective Chinese lessons, one on one conversational practice, customized lessons and a flexible schedule.

Yi Chen - Tucson / Arizona - I am a native speaker in Chinese, female, a graduate student at the University of Arizona, classic department. I have a B.A in Chinese language and literature from Fudan University, China. I can teach authentic Chinese (including classical Chinese), as well as ancient Greek and Latin.

Yun Jung,Wu - tucson / Arizona - If you want to learn Chinese, especially in talking skills, I can teach you. We can choose a quiet place to have a coffee near the University of Arizona. I am a grad. student in Eller College of UA and I have a BA degree in Educational program, Business Math., and Finance. I want to be a chinese tuitor because I hope I can meet some friends in a foreign country and make some allowance. So I will not charge too expensive.I have no transport so the place has to be near the UA. I will attend to UA in Middle August. If you want to make a friend and talk to you in Chinese, please contact to me. Thanks.

Yumei Niu - Tucson / Arizona - ...Most non-chinese speaking people would think Chinese is the most difficult language to learn. It\'s probably right.BUT if you kown all the \"tricks\" of Chinese language, maybe it\'s not hard to learn at all. At least it\'s not as hard as you THOUGHT. Currently I am teaching Mandarin (Simplify) at privat school.See you soon!


Daphne Gao - Corona / California - I teach Chinese language to kids and adults. I a native Chinese speaker and have a M. A. degree in the US.

Robert Liu - Dublin / California - I was a English&chinese Teacher in Chinese for 10 years from 1982-1992. Now i\'m working at Local TOYOTA dealership as senior sales. Ley me know if you are looking a Chinese teacher and i\'m very interesting this Job!!!

Sheng Huang - Fremont / California - Learn Chinese Culture, language, conversation , Reading and Writing in depth proof read writings quality works

Improved Chinese - Irvine / California - Learn Mandarin (Beijing) Chinese from a Private Tutor in Orange County, CA - You have many reasons to learn Chinese these days: doing business with China, traveling to China, joining Beijing’s 2008 Summer Olympics, exploring 5000 years of Chinese culture, or simply having your children of Chinese descent learn the Chinese heritage. This is the perfect point to start - by getting you a pri

Chi Chi - Irvine / California - I have Ph.D degree in Oriental Medicine, and I have both acupuncture and Herb licenses of CA and NCCA. I have 10 years experiences in teaching and 8 years in practicing Chinese Medicine.Lessons offer effective Chinese lessons, Chinese culture, one on one conversational practice, customized lessons and a flexible schedule.

Annie Amornsrisakul - Irvine / California - I am a Chinese Teacher and would like to teach Chinese/Mandarin to whoever wants to learn.

Yin - Irvine / California - My major is Chinese!! And I have 8 years teaching experience. Learning fun is very important!! If you wanna learn in a fun way,Please leave me a message!!

Lillian - Irvine / California - I am a chinese tutor from Irvine, CA. My major is Chinese literature in Taiwan. I have a bachelors degree. I have experience as a Chinese tutor for 10+ years. I prefer teaching children ages 3-13, as I specialize in this age level. I can help you master Chinese, even if you have no Chinese knowledge whatsoever. I will teach you how to speak, listen, and read Chinese. We can set a goal for how many words you need to learn in a week. Hope I can be your Chinese tutor.

Steve - Irvine / California - Do you want to learn Mandarin? Do you need a teacher/tutor to help you improve your Mandarin in four skills-reading, writing, speaking and listening? I\'m a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan and received my Master degree in Education from NTNU 2007. I\'m very interesting and skillful in teaching languages. Feel free to contact me for Mandarin teaching and tutoring.

Steve - Irvine / California - Do you want to learn Mandarin? Do you need a teacher/tutor to help you improve your Mandarin in four skills-reading, writing, speaking and listening? I\\\'m a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan and received my Master degree in Education from NTNU 2007. I\\\'m very interesting and skillful in teaching languages. Feel free to contact me for Mandarin teaching and tutoring. mail to kalanya.master@gmail.com

Alin - La Verne / California - I am from Taiwan. I know how to teach you to learn Chinese fast. =)

Yu Ko - Long Beach / California - I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. I currently hold a US teaching credential in Mandarin, and I have experiences in teaching and tutoring non-native Chinese speakers learning Chinese.

Violet Lee - Los Angeles / California - I am native Chinese, studying, working and living in LA; Have MA in Philosophy, on my way to finish Ph.D.; used to be a teacher in China for years, have been a private Mandarin tutor for over 5 years in LA; students are mainly grownups, and they make me proud. I have a few kids students, but quite frankly, teaching kids are much more harder than teaching adults. I am nice but strict, so if you are

SOPHIA WU - LOS ANGELES / California - I got my bachelor degree of educational psychology and counseling from National Taiwan Normal University. And I also have M.S degree of Psychology from National Chengchi University. I was a counselor and teacher in middle and elementary school for 11 years in Taiwan. I enjoy teaching and love children very much.I hope I can continue my career here.

Oliver Kuoli - Los Angeles / California - I got Master’s Degree in foreign language education from USC. Also, I will pursue my doctoral in the near future. With many years of teaching experience, I can design a personalized syllabus just for you. Email me and let me help you achieve your goal in an economic, effective and efficient way!!

Liane - Los Angeles / California - I\'ve got my Master’s Degree in teaching foreign language from USC. With my education and years of language teaching experience, I can design Chinese lessons according to your personal goal and learning style.

Ivy Liu - Los Angeles / California - I am a UCLA visiting scholar with 4 years of experience teaching Mandarin to foreigners of all levels. I am a warm and easy-going female with an open and flexible schedule, as well as beginning and advanced teaching materials if needed. Best part of all: cheap and flexible rates ranging from 10$ to $25/hr depending on frequency and duration of lessons as well as meeting location (must be within walking distance of UCLA). As either a supplement to summer school classes or as preparation for a trip to China (especially the Olympics!), my lessons can help you on your road to fluency and cultural appreciation.

Haylie - los angeles / California - Interested in learning Mandarin Chinese? I am a qualified Chinese teacher who has tutored students in both China and the States.

Hilda - Los Angeles / California - I am a Mandarin Chinese teacher at a Los Angeles private school. I\'m a graduate of Brown University and have 8 years of experience tutoring all levels of Chinese. Currently, I\'m accepting middle school and high school students who need a Chinese tutor after school and on weekends.

Chiao - Los Angeles/Monterey Park / California - I received my Master\'s degree in language teaching from the University of Southern California(USC). In addition, I have four years of professional language teaching experience, including tutoring American students in Mandarin for two years. Personally, I love to learn foreign languages so I understand the process and the difficulties of learning a new language. Except for my native languages of Mandarin and Taiwanese, I also speak fluent English and German. With my education, experience, and enthusiam for language, I can design courses based on your interests and needs and help you to learn Mandarin effectively and to achieve your learning goals. I look forward to meeting with you. Thank you.

Professor 1 - Monterey / California - Not every native speaker of a language can be a good language teacher. Professional training, teaching experience, and passion to teach set them apart. I am an accomplished (awards, wonderful students evaluation and career advancement) professional Chinese language professor at a prestigeous language institute. I enjoy teaching and see it as one of my passions. I have been teaching Americans Chinese for more than 13 years (both in China and in the United States). If you need a quality Chinese instructor/tutor, shoot me an email. My rate for tailored instruction/tutoring is only $55 per hour. You get what you pay for. Thank you for reading the message. Talk to you soon.

Ms. Judy - Monterey / California - I am an accomplished professional Chinese language professor who enjoys teaching very much. I have been teaching Americans Chinese for more than 13 years (including my years at US Embassy in Beijing as well as Monterey Institute of International Studies and the prestigious Defense Language Institute). During the years I have received many awards and great evaluations. They are available upon request.

Vivian Ding - Northridge / California - Have you heard about Confucius? Have you ever seen a Yinyang sign? Are you amazed about Chinese Kungfu? Well, in my Chinese class, I am going to introduce to you this heritage language and its culture, wisdom and history, and its philosophy. I believe that through learning a language one can discover a whole new world.

Lin - Orange / California - I am a classified Chinese(Mandarin) teacher in the state of California. I was born and raised in Beijing, China. I have a BA degree in communications from California State University, Northridge. I am an experienced Chinese teacher. I also provide translating services and I can help arrange your visits to China, whether it\'s business or personal. I am located in the city of Orange but willing to

maggie - rancho cucamonga / California - I am fluent in both chinese and english. I uesd to be a english teacher in china. I graduated from foreign language institude. I have experience in teaching both chinese and english. I have special rates.

liz - San Diego / California - Hi, I am now teaching traditional Chinese for 3-10 year-old kids, and am interested in teaching for all ages by a meet or online. I have 14 years teaching experience. If you are interested, please contact me through e-mail. Talk to you soon^^.

Kathy - San Francisco / California - I provide one-on-one Chinese tutoring to those who want to learn Chinese. If you have Skype or MSN, and a web cam, I can give you Chinese lessons no matter where you are in the world. If you\'re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person. My online tuition fee is only $15/hour, while face-to-face tutoring is $25/hour. For more information, please email me. I\'m confident I can help you to reach your Chinese learning goals in a quite efficient and economical way!

Kathy - San Francisco / California - [PLEASE IGNORE MY OTHER POST - THE EMAIL WAS INCORRECT] I provide one-on-one Chinese tutoring to those who want to learn Chinese. If you have Skype or MSN, and a web cam, I can give you Chinese lessons no matter where you are in the world. If you\'re in the San Francisco Bay Area, we can meet in person. My online tuition fee is only $15/hour, while face-to-face tutoring is $25/hour. For more information, please email me. I\'m confident I can help you to reach your Chinese learning goals in a quite efficient and economical way!

Lianne Guo - San Jose / California - - I was a language teacher in China for seven years. - I taught Mandarin in summer school in California-South San Jose-Almaden area in 2005. - I am a part-time Mandarin (Chinese Language) teacher in US for five years. - I have learned 2nd language teaching course in SJSU. - I have earned my MBA/BA/AA degrees in US. Currently, My full-tim job is an Accountant in Bay area, and I teach Mandar

Jian-er Chai - San Jose / California - I come from Shanghai, China and am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker. I have been teaching and tutoring American and Chinese students to learn Mandarin Chinese in schools and at their homes for more than 12 years. Currently I am teaching at a prestigious private school in Silicon Valley. I will tutor you to learn Mandarin Chinese, all ages, all levels. You will learn simplified Chinese characters (or traditional, if you wish) and Romanized phonetics. I will adopt your textbook or offer my textbook, with supplemental materials for exercises. We can also focus on any special field as you wish: listening, speaking, reading, writing, or business conversation. Besides teaching all aspects of this modern language, my tutoring also integrates Chinese culture and history studies and introduces Chinese calligraphy, folk song, musical instruments, chess, poems, and Taiji boxing. It will be a happy and rewarding experience for school students to study with me during the long summer vacation for all these valuable activities. Hourly Rate for one-on-one lessons is $30. The lessons can be conducted at your home or my home. A transportation surcharge will be added if the tutoring is at your home. The study time is flexible. A small group is welcome; each individual’s hourly rate in the group can be lower than that of one-on-one lessons. Corporation group study for business with China is also available. If you are interested, please respond to the above address.

Isaac Chou - Temple city / California - Do you want to learn Mandarin? Do you need a teacher/tutor to help you improve your Mandarin in four skills-reading, writing, speaking and listening? Feel free to contact me for Mandarin teaching and tutoring. I\'m a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan and received my Master\'s in Education from USC 2007. I\'m very interested and skillful in teaching languages. I have a very friendly and outgoing

Ying Fisher - Valencia / California - I have been teaching Chinese part-time for four years. Three years in Japan and one year here in the US. I am looking for a full-time teaching position of Chinese, English and Japanese.

Joyce, YI HUA WANG - West Covina / California - I am a grad. student in Los Angeles now. I am more than happy to share my language talen with poeple who are interested. I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently. Especially, I am into Mandarin literature very much, so I am capable to teach people who want to have a dig at Chinese writing. Please fell free to contact me so we can further talk about details. Thank you and see you soon! =)

Angel - West Los Angeles / California - A native chinese speaker born in mainland China and raised in Hong Kong. I have years of experiences working with educators in the United States. I graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in Journalism, and with a MA in Communication from University of Southern California. I have strong passion in teaching Chinese language and culture to my students.

SOPHIA WU - Westwood (near UCLA ) / California - According to my husband’s work, I’ll live here for two years. I got my bachelor degree of educational psychology and counseling from National Taiwan Normal University which is the best university of teacher education in Taiwan. And I also have M.S degree of Psychology from National Chengchi University. I was a counselor and teacher in middle and elementary school for 11 years in Taiwan. My study and teaching experiences focus on children development and language learning. I enjoy teaching and love children very much. I hope I can continue my career while I am here.


Lu ZhiPing - Denver / Colorado - I am a native Mandarin speaker living in the Denver Colorado area. I have a background in children's education and am currently teaching at a local Chinese school, as well as private and group.

Kent - Denver / Colorado - I’m a native mandarin speaker and has been living in the United States > for more 15 years. Contact me if you are interested to learn Chinese.

Tzy Lin - Denver / Colorado - I grow up in Taiwan. Mandarine is my native language. I have a MA degree, and had tought in public scenior high school for 10 years in Taipei City. Now I am going to take my liguistically diverse education master degree in UCD.

Yanmeng Li - Fort Collins / Colorado - I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and I am currently living in Beijing, but i am moving to Fort Collins at the beginning of August. I am 26 and I have been living with Americans and teaching westerners Chinese for more than three years in China. I know what is useful for people who want to study Chinese in order to communicate with Chinese speakers, and how to teach Chinese as a second language effectively. I can also help you prepare for business trips and have many connections in China.

dong li - FORT COLLINS / Colorado - I am a native Chinese. 4 years agao I came to Fort collins. I would like to teach any one who want to learn Chinese.

Jonathan - Fort Collins / Colorado - I am a native English speaker who lived abroad and learned mandarin Chinese (reading, writing, and speaking) in less than 6. I lived in Taiwan for 2 years, and am fluent in Mandarin Chinese. I would be more than willing to help teach or tutor anyone who wants to learn Chinese, and share some of the secrets I have picked up along the way.

sherry - Fort Collins / Colorado - I grew up in Taiwan, currently attending CSU as an open Major undergrad. I worked for the Government of Taiwan before as a translator. Need a Chinese Tutor? What about someone to just sharpen your Chinese speaking and listening skills?

Kenneth - Highlands Ranch / Colorado - I am a native Chinese speaker teaching and tutoring Mandarin Chinese. I offer one-on-on customized class and group class for K12 and adult students.

Ruth Febriana - Littleton / Colorado - Hallo, Ni Hao, I am Ruth, a Chinese Indonesian living in Denver. Teaching and languages are my passions. I know how much a new language could give you a headache. However, I am here to teach you Chinese. I promise you will learn and enjoy it so much.


Chinese tutor - new haven / Connecticut - Hello! I like to teach Chinese to anyone who has a serious interest in learning how to speak it, read it, and/or write it. Teaching is what I do for a living and I am very good at assessing, engaging, as well as inspiring the students. Born and educated through college in Beijing, I have deep knowledge in the Chinese language and speak perfect Mandarin. My years spent in the US, both personally and professionally, have given me near native proficiency and command of the English language. I strongly believe that if one wants to be a good Chinese language teacher to an English-speaking learner, one must first be excellent at both. If this self-introduction intrigued you, send me an email. Thank you very much!

Liu, Mingmin - Waterbury / Connecticut - I am experience Chinese tutor. I like 1 to 1 tutor. I had 10 students before. Two of them are working in China. One of them has been interviewed in Chinese channel when he visited China.

Mingmin Liu - Waterbury / Connecticut - I have more than 6 years Chinese tutor experience. I taught students from age of 6 to 45. I have much interest in teaching Chinese (Mandarin)

District of Columbia

Michi Bai - Alexandria / District of Columbia - Hello, I am a female Chinese native speaker who graduated from Beijing University (Peking University) in 2006. Previously I worked at Toyota in Beijing and now I am teaching Chinese to aspiring language learners in the U.S. In the past I taught Chinese at Studieskolen (a language school in Copenhagen, Denmark) and also was a language teacher for students from the U.S., Korea, Japan, Austria, U

Cassy Lei - Washington / District of Columbia - I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker, with five years experience teaching Mandarin for English speakers in Beijing and Washington DC, specialized in tutoring conversational Mandarin, and business language (I have 7 years working experience in the company). I am patient and result-oriented.

Chloe Worley - Washington DC / District of Columbia - Chloe- Washinhton DC- I have a Master Degree in Marketing from England and a Bachelor Degree in History from Taiwan .I used to teach Marketing in a Taiwan University. My first language is Mandarin/Chinese. I have many years experience in teaching Chinese and English classes. I am professional with marketing & PR, strategies of marketing mix and communication media, strategic business management and international marketing,interview & writing skills and proposals & presentation. I provide one-on-one Chinese tutoring to business people who want to learn Chinese. If you have Skype or MSN, and a web cam, I can also give you Chinese lessons wherever you are. If you are in Washington DC Area, we can meet in person. My online tuition fee is only $20/hour, while face-to-face tutoring is $30~$40/hour. For more information, please email me. Have a nice day.


Amy LI - Edgewater / Florida - I am an experienced and patient Mandarin teacher for both kids and adult group. Live or online tutoring both possible. You can learn not only Mandain language from the tutorials, but also will be shared with history, culture,literature and legal knowledges.

David Stefan - Palm Beach Gardens / Florida - Financial/Audit Operations Controller (Mandarin Chinese language required) Description The Financial Operations Controller is an excellent opportunity to use your expertise in any manufacturing, commodities, energy or the financial industry to enhance your skills in understanding and assessing business risk for a growing multinational company. This role plans and executes audit projects

Feng - Tallahassee / Florida - I am an experienced Chinese language teacher for almost 10 years with constant excellent evaluations from students (references available if needed), and I currently teach Chinese at Florida State University. If you are interested in learning Chinese, please feel free to contact me via jfeng@fsu.edu.

Jenny Ho - Tampa / Florida - My name is Jenny Ho, a native Mandarin teacher. I have been certified by Wcla Taiwan and PSC held by National Language Committee, China. I have been trained to be a professional Mandarin teacher under the supervision of the most experienced teachers from National Language Committee of China. With the experience of teaching Chinese for years.

Longmen Chinese Language Center - Tampa / Florida - Longmen Chinese Language Center is located in Tampa Bay, Floirda. We are dedicated to providing professional and quality Chinese language training and translation service. Our patient and dedicated teachers will help you with regular Chinese learning (one-on-one, small-group), Business Chinese, Chinese for Travelling or other interests, Test Preparation such as AP Chinese, HSK...etc. To know how to achieve your goal of learning Chinese, please check the information on our website, e-mail or call us.

lei Croskery - Tampa, / Florida - A native Chinese mandarin speaker,a Master Degree in Education. had been in Japan 17 years(1990-2007), have much experience teaching foreigners to speak Chinese. Speak Chinese, Japanese and English, if you interested in learning Chinese or Japanese, please email me


Dr. George He - Duluth / Georgia - I have been teaching Chinese and English for over 20 years both in China and the States at elementary, middle/high and college levels. Right now I am teaching Chinese and English at Peachtree Ridge High School in Gwinnett County.

name - fclbpsta / Georgia - TE2CmW

Jenny - Marietta / Georgia - I am experienced in teaching Chinese to grown ups and young children. I can customize the lesson to suit your own learning objectives. Sent me a message and we can set up the learning goals.


David Houl - Hilo / Hawaii - Want to speak and write to nice Chinese girl without problem in Chinese? Come to see me now!


Xiaoru Zhang - Evanston / Illinois - I was born in Beijing, China and had been China for 35 years. I am a Chinese lawyer. I have been USA for 11 years. I have been a Chinese private teacher for 3 years and worked at Chinese Cultural Institute in Boston as a Chinese teacher in 1998.

Xiaoru Zhang - Evanston / Illinois - I can offer Chinese Culture and Language classes. I go to company for an on-site Chinese culture and language training also. Please give me a call at 847-630-1871. Let me know your needs and I will design an appropriate training section for matching you or your group\'s requirement.

helen klabel - lasalle / Illinois - I am a Native professional Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese tutor/teacher from Beijing, China. I teach all ages. I have teached chinese for many years, and would be happy to teach you. I can go to you company or school or you can learn in my classroom. Send me an e-mail so we can set up an appointment.

Katie Bauer - Schaumburg / Illinois - Looking for early childhood educator to take on full time teaching position with 3 to 5 year olds in a Mandarin emersion program. Must have valid Visa without sponsorship and be fluent in Mandarin and English.


tina - fort wayne / Indiana - Native Chinese speaker. I had three years teaching experience in China.

lisa - indianapolis / Indiana - I graduated from a Teacher\'s Unviersity where I was trained as a professional teacher. I have taught for more than 12 years in different universities. One course I taught was Chinese for freshman in college. In America, I have been a private tutor more than for 3 years. I teach students Chinese at basic, medium and advanced levels. Coversational, literatural and business Chinese are my strength. Come and learn Chinese together. You will experience a fun and inspiring learning process.


tony song - kansas city / Kansas - I’m a native mandarin speaker and has been living in the United States since 1996. I have a M.S degree in Engineering management. Do you want to learn Mandarin? If you need a teacher/tutor to help you improve your Mandarin skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Contact me. I can help.


yiran - Lexington / Kentucky - I am a native Chinese, got a MPA from the Univ. of Kentucky. I had experiences to be Chinese tutor or teacher. I can teach beginning, middle or high school level Chinese. Please be free to contact me if you would like to learn Chinese or China\'s culture. I still have a national tour guide certificate. Thanks.

yiran zhou - Lexington / Kentucky - Endowed with a training certificate of Teaching Chinese as a second language by China Language and Culture University, I had experiences in teaching American faculty and students (college, high school) Chinese and Chinese culture. References are availalbe upon requested. Please be free to contact me if you have intense interest in Chinese and Chinese culture. Please rest assured that I could lead you easily into the world of Oriental language and culture.


Ling - Frederick / Maryland - I\'m a native Chinese mandarin speaker.If you\'re interested in learning Mandarin Chinese, I can help you. I am a qualified Chinese teacher who has tutored students in both China and the USA. I also have a bachelor and master degree in French. So I can also teach French.


Sarah - greater Springfield / Massachusetts - I teach beginning and intermediate Chinese. My husband is a native speaker and can teach advanced (no English) Chinese. We live outside of Springfield. Rates are negotiable depending on length of study, location, etc. Adults and children all welcome!

Ada - Malden / Massachusetts - I know pinyin, read and write simplified chinese, and read traditional chinese with perfect mandarin and cantonese. Hope I can become your tutor!


lisa - Grand Rapids / Michigan - I am an experienced Chinese language teacher. If you want to excel your study of Mandarin Chinese or need Chinese tutoring sessions on a flexible schedule that suits you, contact me via 616-617 6884. I can help you!

LING - Royal Oak / Michigan - Hi,all I am a well-educated individual with 8 years teaching experience . I am fluent in both Chinese Mandarin and English . I am eager to continue to teach Chinese to those who desire to learn Chinese language, culture and customs for their business or leisure /personal growth purposes. (adults or kids, any levels)

Phoebe - Sterling Heights / Michigan - Hello, I am a female Chinese native speaker who graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in 2004 and graduated form Guangdong Business College in 200.I am the chinese tutor in Macomb Community College,Michigan.With lots experience of tutoring English speakers in Mandarin&Cantonese.


Nicole Darcy - Minneapolis / Minnesota - I teach and tutor Mandarin Chinese around the twin cities metro area. I enjoy working with students of all ages and do plenty with businesses working with China, high school students working to improve their Mandarin, and, of course, little ones. I am familiar with many different books, CD/DVD courses, and websites aimed at teaching Mandarin. I use plenty of song and game working with children. I

Lydia Liu - Minneapolis/St. Paul / Minnesota - I will offer both one-on-one Chinese tutoring and small group Chinese lessons. I can also help with translations from English to Chinese or vice versa. I am very experienced in teaching Chinese, because for the past four years I have been teaching various levels of students on how to read, write and speak Chinese here in U.S. . I was born in Beijing, China, and I speak fluent Mandarin. My email ad

yuedong Merritt - Northfield / Minnesota - Native Chinese speaker, have a Master\'s degree in Second Language Teaching. Started teaching Chinese at college level in USA since 1999. Need a teaching job within 50 miles of Northfield, MN. College, public school, full or part-time. Tutoring available too.

David - Saint Paul / Minnesota - I know what native English speakers go through in learning Mandarin because I\'ve done it myself. I can answer your questions about grammar and vocabulary, but the hard part is getting students conversant in the language as quickly as possible before they become discouraged. I will keep you on-task throughout the lesson.

june - St Paul / Minnesota - I am a teacher in China.I came here this summer and i will be in St.Paul for a whole school year to teach Chinese. I think it is a good idea for us to share the different cultures and languages during my stay. I also bring a lot of teaching materials about China with me, so if you want to learn Chinese or China, you can connect with by email.

Bonnie - Twin City Area / Minnesota - I am a 23 year-old native Mandarin speaker and just recently immigrated to the Twin Cities metro area. I\'m a college graduate who majored in Journalism & Communication. I have worked for Rolling Stone Magazine and China\'s official news agency. I have a lot of experience with both Chinese and English, I recently translated college text book from English to Chinese. I have more than two years experience tutoring foreign students Chinese in Beijing. I like teaching useful Chinese through cultural insights and interesting stories. I teach people of any age Mandarin in the most efficient and fun way. Furthermore, I guarantee significant progress will be made towards personal language goals under my instruction. References of past students are available upon request.


Anna Lee - Columbia / Missouri - Hello there, I was a Mandarin instructor in a Midwestern university for two semesters. I am a doctoral candidate in education. If you need a Mandarin tutor, please send me an email. Thanks. Anna

yiran - Springfield / Missouri - yiran - Springfield / Missouri - I am a native Chinese, and have got a MPA from the Univ. of Kentucky. I will be in Springfield to have another advanced study there. I had experiences serving as Chinese tutor or teacher. I can teach beginning, middle or high school level Chinese language and culture. Please be free to contact me if you would like to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. I have a Chinese teacher training certificate from Chinese Language and Culture University and a national tour guide certificate. Thanks.

Doris - St. Louis / Missouri - Hi, I am a native Chinese speaker from Shanghai,with three-year experience of tutoring English speakers in Mandarin. Now I live in Creve Coeur, St.Louis,MO.If you are native English speaker,interested in Chinese learning and language exchange with me, please contact me

merry - St.louis / Missouri - Fun, exciting learning experience with an experienced,patient Native-Chinese Mandarin speaker with teaching experiences with elementary school, fly attendant, pilot, CFO, WU student, Publisher, Business Owner, marketing professionals. Very personalized tutoring content and class setting.You specify your need and I can help you to meet your goals. We can set up learning sites at any public areas, time /date availability will be discussed personally. You will enjoy this learning and exchanging experience. Chinese is the expanding international language in the world. So hurry up to keep yourself more competitive and competent in the fast growing international business and high competition, career advancement, also be a well-informed tourist. Special bonus from a your MBA tutor: Can also provide you with business consultation for your starting business in China!(Purchasing, Manufacturing,Supplier consultation,negotiation) No extra charge in the class period. Hourly Tutoring fee will be discussed case by case.

New Jersey

Lilian Butterworth - Berkeley Heights / New Jersey - Learn Mandarin Chinese confidently with a patient and friendly native speaker (also fluent in English). All levels and ages are welcome. Whether you are learning Chinese for academic reasons, business or travel purposes, or simply for personal-development, I know we can work together to achieve your goals. Starting rate is $25/hr and first appointment is free.

Matt - Glen Rock / New Jersey - I am a teacher available to teach Mandarin Chinese in Northern NJ to classes or one on one. I recently returned to the U.S. after working and studying in China for the past two years. Qualifications  Fluent in Mandarin Chinese  Worked as translator for CBS News during the Beijing Olympics  American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages Exam Results: • Oral Proficiency Interview : Advanced- Mid • Writing Proficiency Test: Intermediate-High  HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Level 7. Eligible to study for a bachelor’s degree at a Chinese university  2 years of teaching and tutoring experience  Extensive knowledge of Chinese culture and customs

New York

Shu-Yun Chen (Sabrina) - Elmhurst (Queens) / New York - I have masters in TESOL program but I am a Chinese native speaker. I teach one class with mixed-age (from kindergarten to adults). If you are interested in learning Mandarin/ Chinese, I would like to teach either in a group or tutoring.

Echo - Flushing / New York - I hold Mandarin certificate, have experience of language teaching for 9 years. My teaching approach is communicative-based; meanwhile, pronunciation, tones, grammar, and word choice are carefully monitored.

qingshu meng - flushing / New York - PhD in Chinese literature native Chinese A highly experienced teacher

maxueli - flushing / New York - Do you want to read Chinese in two months? I worked as a teacher for 15 years. I could teach you easily and let you learn easily. If you are a kid who\'s age younger than 11 years old, I could let you grasp the Modern Chinese Pinyin System in two months. (you learn with me two hours a time and twice a week) If you are older than 11, it will take you a little bit longer time. That means you could read Chinese with Pinyin help. It\'s a point, then we coule learn other things around the point.

Wen - Garden City / New York - Hello, I am a native Chinese speaker. I have experiences teaching in Chinese. Adults and children are welcome :) I provide material teaching and conversational teaching. My rate is $10 per hour.

Mary Xuemin Hong - Larchmont / New York - I have been a senior elementary school teacher for over ten years in China. I specilize in Chinese-English bilingual education. I also taught kindergarten for over ten years. I just immigrated to US recently. I have US permanent resident status. I\'d love to teach Chinese here in the New York region.

Wenwen Tang - Manhattan / New York - While completing my Bachelor’s in Beijing, I tutored students from a variety of backgrounds (all English speaking) and am confident in my ability to teach individuals of any level. I work off textbooks or customize my lessons based on my students’ interests/needs. I am also very familiar with HSK. I conduct all lessons in Chinese, supplemented with English as necessary (depending on the level). My rate is $25/hour or $20/hour if more than 2 hours (or if close enough to walk)

Han Wen - New Hyde Park / New York - I am a native Mandarin/Chinese speaker from Taiwan.I have experienced teaching Mandarin to both children and adult.I love teaching and have techniques to improve your language learning journey.My rate is $10. Thank you for your time.

Jing Gao - New Windsor / New York - I got my Doctorate Degree in Education Psychology. My Master\'s Degree was in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Chinese culture. I have more than 5 years\' teaching English as a Second Language. In my free time, I also do some translation. I have more than 7 years\' professional teaching experiences both in China and America. My teaching style is interactional and aims at utilizing the natural strengths of my students.

Xiaoyan Zhang - New York / New York - I am a native Mandarin speaker with a lot of teaching experience. I have a college degree in education and taught high school in China for over 20 years. I have also taught Chinese language classes in the U.S. for three and a half years and currently have switched to teaching private lessons for several years. Rates: $30.00 hour, traveling will be an extra $5.00 I live in Manhattan , and

Qiao - New York / New York - Welcome to my ZapChinese post. I offer Mandarin, Cantonese tutoring, verbal and written translation. Tutoring session: One on one or no more than 3 people for a small group Translation: Available to travel within NYC or out of state with special travel arrangement For further inquiries, please contact me at 347-385-2185. Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.

Shiguo lu - New York / New York - A RESUME I am an native of mandarin speaker who came from continental China,used to be as a mandarin teacher and designer of an enterprise there, but have save up a lot of experiences in teaching language of mandarin ,2007 arrived America, hereby to apply a vacancy you offered and hope my wish would be met from you . Below following is my resume:: First Name: Shiguo Last Name: Lu Gender:

erin - New York / New York - Hi,I am from China and working in New York. I have been teaching Chinese for 3 years. Taught 6 students totally and have private teaching experience. Right now I am teaching 2 of my coworkers Chinese. I do not have any certificate, but I love teaching Chinese from the first class I taught when I was a senior student in college. My students love the way I teach them. I would like to share the chinese culture, language and interests with you.

carmen - new york / New York - Hello ,every friend I am a Chinese teacher who taught mandarin for foreign people ,I have 5 years of teaching Chinese.fluency EnglishCdeeply loving teaching enterpriseCstrong sense of responsibility, good communicating skills.I just teach children or teenage ,so we can write and talk together ,the Tuitionfee: 25~30 USD/hour , teach with hanyu pin yin :)

warren - new york / New York - professional language instructor with 8+ years\' experience in tutoring Chinese. Comfortable with all age groups and levels. I do not charge if you are not satisfied.

cici - New York / New York - I have more than 4 years of experiences of teaching English speaking people and Japanese speaking people to speak Mandarine and also I can teach you to speak Japanese.Or if you want,I want teach you both at the same time.I will prepare textbook for different people and the lesson is really fun.I can also teach you on-line and please remember,pronounciation is very imortant and I speak standard Mandarine without any accent. I have college degree and still studying at NYC.Female.Please feel free to contact me if you live in Manhattan area.

Philip - New York / New York - I am neither certified nor school-oriented, but I do have a decent amount of experience in tutoring Chinese in Beijing and Hong Kong. I used to be a spokesman in an university in Beijing, I immersed in Chinese literature through high school, I just hope to bring forth some enlightenment in an easy way to those who want to study Chinese as a forign language in New York city.

Yulia - New York / New York - I graduated from Moscow State University majoring in Chinese linguistics and studied one year in Tianjin Normal University in China majoring in Modern Mandarin. 2 years of teaching experience outside the US.

LU ZHOU - new york -blooklyn / New York - Hello~\\r\\n\\r\\nMy name is Lu Zhou and I am an Mandarin Shanghai-nese (the local language of Shanghai, China), and Cantonese.and piano teacher. I am currently working in Downtown Tree houe chilrden shool.Im teaching for more than two years.\\r\\n\\r\\nI can help you become more fluent, accurate, and confident when you speak Mandarin. I can teach you a variety of idioms, common expressions and

yuezhou - new york city / New York - My name is yuezhou, I have Chinese teacher's degree ,also 5 years teaching experiences. I am native madarine speaker . If you want to how to speaker and write Chinese , please contact me

Sophie - New York City / New York - Anyone wants to learn Chinese? I am here to help. Native Mandarin speaker, having learned English language for 20 years, with BA and MA in English language, 6-year experience in language teaching in Chinese university. If anyone in NY wants to improve his Chinese, just contact me

LI - New York City / New York - I am a very experienced language professor with more than twenty years of language teaching experience. I know both language equally well. I know what makes it difficult for the language learners and have been successfully trying to make it easier for language learners to progress.

Bingjie Liu - New York City / New York - I am a graduate student in New York. I born and raised in Beijing, and I speak the standard Mandarin Chinese. Also I was majoring Diplomacy and I have bachelor in Law. So my Chinese is standard pronounced and properly used.

Lin Zhang - New York/New Jersey / New York - I am a graduate student at New York University majoring in Media, Culture and Communication. I had experience teaching mandarine as well as teaching English to Chinese. If you are looking for a Chinese tutor or language exchange partner (if you are a native speaker of English), feel free to contact me!

denise - NY / New York - Hi, I have master degree of education in University of Pennsylvania. I also have the certificate of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages. I offer Mandarin tutoring. For further inquiries, please contact me

Jessica - NY, QUEENS / New York - hi, i have a master degree in educational department at university of Pennsylvania, which focuses on how to teach foreign language to language learners. I also have the certificate of TCSOL (Teaching of Chinese to Speakers of other languages). For me, I think I can learn from my teaching experience, as well as from my students. I think it\'s fun to learn a new language. I will try my best to help you improve your four skills of chinese(listening, speaking, reading and writing). If you want to learn Chinese, please contact me through my email, we can discuss about the time, price and class schedule! thank you !

youwillneedme - NYC / New York - an experienced language professor who used to teach university students, with experience of teaching a langauge for over twenty years, proficient in both Chinese and ENglish. As a language teacher, he knows more than other people who can only speak both languages, which will help you improve your language in a reasonable way.

michelle.k - NYC / New York - Hi, I acqured a master\'s degree of Logistics management in Germany and a bachelor\'s degree of law in China. I want to teach Mandarin in NYC and i am a good Mandarin speaker. Of course, I am a chinese.

Chiung hui chuang - NYC / New York - Ni Hao! My name is Chiunghui Chuang. I\'m born and raised in Taiwan. I\'m a qualified mandarin teacher with TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers for Other Languages) I customized programs which fits varied needs of students, for instance, for students who are intended in taking HSK exams, i will focus on grammar and writing and for students who are intended to go traveling in china, i will focus

grace zhao - Queens, New York / New York - I am a native mandarin speaker and have been living in the United States for about 20 years. I have college degrees both in China and U.S. A.. So, if you are interested in learning Mandarin, or language exchange with me, please contect me

Angela Li - Westchester / New York - Speak Chinese in 2008 Want to tell a story in Chinese at your first lesson? Let Angela help you! My teaching method is maximizing language exposure and usage, along with art lesson, story time,etc; therefore, all my students would present a story in Chinese at their first lesson.

Stacy - Woodside / New York - I am college student and I am from Taiwan. I am a native Chinese(Mandarin) speaker. Currently, I work in a after school program as a teacher\'s assistant. I have gained a great experience on teaching and tutoring. I am willing to help: 1.students who have encounter difficulties in their Chinese course at school. 2.people who are eager to learn Chinese. Please contact me if you are interested in learning Chinese.

North Carolina

YanFu - Goldsboro / North Carolina - Dear Ladies or gentlemen My name is YanFu.I had been working as a chinese teacher in a middle school for seven years ,I was teach chinese and math in China.at the same time as working class teacher.In teaching and teacher have been the work of school leaders and student\'s parents\' praise. I have rich experience in teaching chinese.and I like to play with kids. If you want to find a chinese teacher ,I am here. If you want to study chinese but you don\'t want to pay for that,so we can exchange service,I am looking someone to teach me drive. So please contact me.thanks Besr Regards Yan

Sujuan Wang - Raleigh / North Carolina - I am an English teacher in Beijing, China. I graduated from Renmin University of China, majoring in English. I used to be a teacher for 2 years, teaching English and Chinese in Beijing. Having rich experience in teaching and good at both Chinese and English I think I will be a teacher you can trust on.


Isabel - Tulsa / Oklahoma - I\'m fluid in Chinese, Spanish and English. I\'m a high school student and am offering tutoring of either Chinese or Spanish. Better if on weekends. If interested please contact my e-mail or call me.


Ching Ting - Lake Oswego / Oregon - I am currently tutoring Mandarin in Tualatin. My native language is Mandarin. So, I can teach reading, writing, speaking, listening in Mandarin. I can teach you to write Chinese in simple or classic form.I can show you ㄅㄆㄇㄈ and Pin Yin. Aduio lessons available online. You can also learn phrases and slangs used in Taiwan and Manland China during the lessons. Flexible hours and resonable prices. If you are in Tigard, Tualatin, or downtown Portland, You can also contact me.

Hsiao-Yun Shotwell - Portland / Oregon - An experienced and professional native Mandarin instructor, with a major in Chinese Literature & lingusitics and a certificate in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, teaches Mandarin in a university in Portland and offers private Mandarin lessons: one on one or small classes. Using personalized lessons to help each student to reach their goals of learning Mandarin ( speaking, listening, reading

TSENG YU CHUN - Portland / Oregon - I am a native Chinese Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. I have more than years experience teaching Mandarin for foreigner in Taiwan.

Haotian - Portland / Oregon - Native speaker Good at in spoken and written Mandarin; Fluent in English; Basic French Professionally trained colloquial language ability including mouth cavity and breath control Undergraduate student in Portland State University

shannon - portland / Oregon - Hi, I am from china,native Mandrian speaker,studying at PSU graduate school.My major is finance. If you interested in one to one chinese tutor,please contact me.

Outside US

Yuki Yeung - Hong Kong / Outside US - I\'m a Chinese and Mandarin Teacher from Hong Kong. I would like to know how could I become a teacher teaching Chinese and Mandarin in USA. I also would like to seek more information about occupations in education from the government and the mass media(For example, newspaper, TV, and so on.). Could you please tell me about the requirements and procedures of application in aspects of primary, secondary/college, vocational training college and university? Could you mind telling me about the salary? I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

ghazal - iran / Outside US - it\'s even easier than you think . mandarin chines is one of the easiest language in structure. email me when you decide to learn it .

Paul Ni - Lafayette IN / Outside US - I am an English teacher from China. I am staying at Purdue University with my family for this coming academic year. I have a half-year experience of teaching Chinese in a US high school. I am sure I can be a good teacher or tutor to those who are interested in Learning Chinese in Lafayette IN, US.

Kimberly Gunn - Monterey / Outside US - I am a California Certified Chinese teacher available for instruction. Beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. I have a BA from Wellesley College in Chinese and an MA from the University of Texas at Austin in Asian Languages.

Yuqing Feng - New York / New Jersy / Outside US - An experienced Chinese business journalist will help professionals in New York and New Jersey learn Chinese and understand China’s business culture. Well educated in Ivy league university and leading university in China, I will be able to teach Chinese though bi-culture background. Private tutor offered, if interested, please contact 973-517-7561.

Jane - San / Outside US - teaching experience in Middle School in China, Master degree in > Education in America and Florida Teacher with Maths(6-12) certificate > . I would like to share my perspective on culture/business. I can teach you Chinese

Haiou SUN - san francisco / Outside US - A native Chinese professor from Shanghai. Fluent English and experienced tutor for all levels. Offical prounciatin and professional mandarin with both simplified and traditional writting. Private tutoring $35 per hour. Call )415) 751-7807

xiaoliang He - Sunyvale / Outside US - I\\\\\\\'m a chinese teacher with over 20 years hand-on\\r\\n,successful teaching experience in China.I\\\\\\\'m confident in my ability and passion to be an exellent chinese teacher in USA.I\\\\\\\'d like to teach chinese at all level schools.

Elsa - Taiwan, Taipei / Outside US - Hi, this is Elsa from Taiwan, Asia. I\'d like to offer \"Chinese tutor\" to the people who need for \"FREE\". I locat in Taipei, Taiwan-near ShiDa Unervisity(NTNU). Please contact with me in advance via the e-mal. Thank you & look forward to hearing from you.


Yuanyuan Xu - Philadelphia / Pennsylvania - Before I came to U.S., I worked in Hong Kong as a Chinese teacher to teach foreigners from 2007-2008. Previously, I graduated from Fudan University where I got a master degree in Chinese Linguistic and Philology in 2007, and I also got a Bachelor in Chinese Language and Literature from Jinan University in 2004. I have five years’ experience in second language teaching. I have taught more than 300 students in the Executive Mandarin Learning Centre of Hong Kong and International Cultural Exchange School of Fudan University,including the total beginner ,intermediate students and the advanced students. I can design different teaching methods and studying courses according to different students and different purposes. I focus on students’ pronunciation, grammar and difficulties in Chinese. My class is quite flexible, and depends on students\' needs. I think I am quite suited to be a Chinese teacher since I have grasped the principals of my major and skills of teaching.


Agatha - Plano / Texas - I\'ve been teaching Mandarin in Chinese Schools in the U.S. for many years. I have a Master\'s degree in Computer Science and I enjoy teaching.


Liya - Salt Lake City / Utah - I am a native Mandarin speaker and have four years Chinese teaching experence both for private and Chinese school in America. I got my one B.S.degree for geography in China and two Master degree for Urban and Regional Planning in China and CU at Denver of U.S.A. I like teaching since my parents are teachers. My available time begin from August of 2008.


Daisy - Richmond / Virginia - I could speak fluent and proficient Mandarin. Besides that, I am interested in and good at Chinese culture and Oriental culture. Trust me, and choose me, you will be glad your wisdom chocie and never hesitate. ^_^


Ling Jin - Issaquah / Washington - I was a Mandarin Chinese teacher in high school for 15 years. I moved to USA 6 years ago, and I had my 2 years AA for my Early Children Education. I love to teach people to learn Chinese and culture.

Yea Jae Wang - issaquah / Washington - A professional Chinese teacher teaching in immersion mandarin program for two years. I have taught Chinese for over 10 years. I teach individual and group lesson for students of all levels.

Dan - REDMOND / Washington - I just moved to Redmond. I can speak very standard Chinese Mandarin and I\'ve taught 5 foreign people Chinese when I was in China and I really liked teaching Chinese.

wendy tan - Seattle / Washington - Mandarin lesson for kids & adults. A professional mandarin tutor is looking for beginner to intermediate advanced one-on-one or group mandarin lessons. • Flexible schedule • Reasonable rate • Business Chinese • Adoption Preparation • Preparation for Travel • Standard Mandarin Accent • Organized Group Cultural Events • Chinese Language Screening Tests • Tutoring for chi

sunny - seattle / Washington - I am a native Mandarin speaker. I would like to teach you how to speak Mandarin(Chinese) in your daily life.

Ann - Seattle / Washington - I graduated from Shenyang Normal University in China, My major is English Teaching, now I am in Seattle, study MBA I have time to share Chinese, if you want to learn more about China, I can tell you.

Maureen Ng - Seattle / Washington - I have a BS from China and a MS from the US, speak 3 Chinese dialects (Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese)and write both conventional and simplified Chinese characters. I have experience in teaching Chinese for America businessmen and kids, as well as translation. I\'m retired and able to devote my time to teaching on one-one or in group.

chunyan yang - seattle / Washington - a professional chinese teacher,having obtained the master degree of teaching chinese as a second language and having the experience of teaching chinese to people of different ages (from children to adults) and levels(the beginner、the intermediate and advanced level),knowing the teaching method and characteristic of those people.